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Reporting player for engaging heli from another person's base

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[EU] Survival

User SamoFLY was popping shots with M39 and another weapon with pistol ammo in the middle of me fighting LVL3 Heli from my helitower

He used the base that is by supermarket and intersectstion as you can see from screeshot there is damage to the base. And it self repaired, the heli landed on the other side of the mountain.

Near W21 marker.
He did log out but I imagine he ran away from base. I went to investigate if there was a helitower as I saw heli during fight rocket him, it was quite low on the way to supermarket


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Another shot showing my heli tower, the heli shot him when it ran low from an angle from the side/rear.

I couldn't tell what it shot at when it shot the rockets, because I use armored windows. I could not see the base from my windows, only the heli firing rockets in that area


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Big F. Thats my base... was just about to hop on and upgrade too 😧

UPDATE: Just some walls, TC, and my bag lost. I will rebuild! :D

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More info

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Thank you for the report. Leafbower will look into this issue this afternoon. 

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