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Simple Light added to scourge or all servers


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I believe this was not added due to the excessive lag it produces in large numbers. If that is the case we will just have to wait for new light sources from Facepunch (like the electric searchlight!)

See the reply from Death on this topic:


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I don't understand how a simple light replacing 6/7 ceiling lights is such a big lag issue especially when on the scourge server there are bases often with 10+ windmills, 3 quarries and 1 pumpjack allowed which are performance issues themselves once you factor all the extra stuff for growing/farming as well.

As far as the simple light being abused, that can be moderated by admins quite easily.

My bases tend to run around 25 ceiling lights which i could run 4 simple lights for, this is a reduction in load, even with the fact the light spreads more with the simple light.

If lag problems are a big thing then there is a lot of things that have to go in the scourge server on that basis, yet, they are ok and still in use.

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