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September Build Challenge


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School’s In 

E=MC…School is in session. US Scourge is hosting a build challenge for players. Build an original Schoolhouse themed place and enter to win prizes for next wipe! 


The build should reflect your personal version of a schoolhouse. It can be old or it can be futuristic. The only requirement is that you must have a textbook OR a teacher pictured somewhere within the build (picture frames, signs, lights, etc).


How to Enter

You may enter only one build. Reply to this forum thread and provide the following by midnight EST (5 am GMT) Saturday the 26th, 2020. A tour of the builds will be on Sunday night after the chosen event for the week.  


*Your in-game name 

*The map grid ID location of the build

*One screenshot showing the front of the build 

*One screenshot showing the interior of the build



Finalists will be chosen by staff and participant votes during the build tour. Prizes will be awarded on wipe day in October as follows:

First Place: $10 Rust EZ store credit

Second Place: $5 Rust EZ store credit

Third place: 5 supply signals

Participant’s Choice: 3x supply signals

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In-Game name: alexanightfire

Map grid location: E11

Build located at X-1497 Z466. Safe teleport hut for build tour located at X-1439 Z516.


*Build will be left unlocked for public viewing after the build tour Sunday!*

*Please use caution when flying in, as not only is it in a garrison hot spot (potentially SAM sites!), but the build might lag a bit at first when loading in.*

*A heads up that there is currently a Facepunch bug with cams, such that if you view one, you might have to toggle “hide signs” on and off again in settings to be able to see signs again.*


Welcome to S.M.A.R.T., the School for Marvelous Academia and Resourceful Teaching!

S.M.A.R.T. is both structurally and spiritually inspired by an elementary school I went to, which was built in 1895, making it one of the oldest remaining schoolhouses in my city. Future additions expanded it to meet the growing population of its surrounding area.

My vision is based on the school how I remember it, and therefore includes the additions that existed at that time. This build encompasses three floors, as well as two recess areas, and a front and back entrance area. Each room has been meticulously designed and decorated. All graphics (save for the cam graphics) were created by me.

My teacher was Ms. Baxter, and she did an amazing job of making learning fun. Our class was a grade 4/5 split, and she designated a different era for each grade to focus on and explore for that year; for the 4’s, the Middle Ages, and for the 5’s, the Roman Empire. My vision for S.M.A.R.T. is an imagining of this idea; what would a school be like if each teacher chose a theme for their class and ran with it, both in syllabus and decoration?

You’ll notice that each classroom has its own theme, feel, and arrangement, to suit the grade level and teaching style. I strove to make each room unique and fun in its own right. There’s lots of puns and pop culture references, and maybe even a real photo of myself hidden somewhere, so keep your eyes peeled! B-)

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please reach out to me on discord, alexanightfire#2115.

Thanks for checking this out, and I hope you enjoy S.M.A.R.T.!



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IGN: Pikefish
Fragwarts - School of Rustcraft and RustEZ

Z8, Z9, AA8, AA9.

It's a school themed on Hogwarts, approximately accurate to the exterior layout. It contain lessons on how to excel at PVE Rust and how to do stuff that isn't made apparent to new players. There's a puzzle that unlocks the best kept eldritch top tips. Enter the Great Hall and try on the Sorting Boonie to find out whether you're in Griefindor, Huffinsulf, Radbearclaw or Salvarin!

Main entrance is at the end of the Viaduct in Z8, to the left of frame in the wide screenshot.



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I want to thank all of our builder's this month! Your creations were amazing, thoughtful, and fun. After tallying the votes from the community and your friendly admins, please allow me to introduce, your winners.

In 4th place we have @Maldibus with "The Maldibus Institute for Wayward and Ill-mannered Children" located in I21. Your electrical punishment was quite fun!

In 3rd place we have @Sppin with his Virtual School (located in T23) that brought vision to what a lot of our students are going through during this difficult year. Each room showing a different personality gave it a personal touch that shone through.

In 2nd place we have @alexanightfire with S.M.A.R.T., the School for Marvelous Academia and Resourceful Teaching (located in E11). There was so much packed into this build. Where to start! From the personal touches of having each teacher's lesson plan on their "desk" (computer station) to the school play yard, and the drama and art program rooms. Each room told a story.

In 1st place we have @Pikefish with Fragwarts - School of Rustcraft and RustEZ (located in z8, z9, AA8, AA9 - front entrance is the bridge located in Z8). This build, much like each, had a story to tell. There is a "puzzle" starting at the vending machine. If you haven't done it yet, go do it. Don't forget to get "sorted" by the Sorting Boonie! Again, thank you to all of our builders. Each of your builds were lovely.

@Jelly Belly I loved the "old school" simple school with the "bell" on top.

@louisside your version of the school from Bully brought back fond memories of the classic game for quite a few of our tourists. 

@PancholinI liked your use of a scarecrow as a teacher! Thank you again to all of our builders! We hope you will enter again in next month's build challenge where Halloween will reign supreme!  

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