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Banned EU Pure: Will

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Offender: Will (Steam ID 76561198249237490) Via BM SteamID
Server: EU Pure
Time: 18:57 GMT
Length: Permanent
Reason: Stealing & Toxicity 
More Info (Optional):
Stole items from "glocky" from a public recycler whilst in use by glocky. Refused to return items when asked and continued with abusive / toxic chat and behaviour.

Chat Log:

:54 PM
Will: and what you gonna do big boy?

5:54 PM
Will: 1 hour and its bedtime for you

5:54 PM
Will: school tomorrow

5:55 PM
Will: even worse

5:55 PM
Will: maybe you should

5:56 PM
Will: from kindergarten? it does not count...

6:00 PM
Will: for ignoring your sorry ass?

6:00 PM
Will: i dont care follow me if you got nothing better to do

6:05 PM
Will: i have food and water for days, and a good pc. i will play something else...got tons of games, bye loser

6:19 PM
Will: LOL

6:19 PM
Will: you got bored?

6:20 PM
Will: for?

6:20 PM
Will: what?

6:20 PM
Will: did not steal shit. you blocked me in a room

6:22 PM
Will: good luck

6:23 PM
Will left the server


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