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Banned EU Pure: LE MAITRE .abouabouk

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Offender: LE MAITRE .abouabouk(Steam ID 76561198164255651) Via BM SteamID
Server: EU Pure
Time: 11:58 GMT
Length: Permanent
Reason: Repeated base raiding / looting and locking players out with TC
More Info (Optional):
Built structures externally to gain access to players base, proceeded to loot their items and place in locked boxes and placed a locked TC down to stop players from building in their base.  Also built walls and structures inside players base to block them in.

Found offender on the server looting another base and spoke to him and asked if he had read the rules - he said "no", so I issued with a warning and suggested he read the rules before rejoining and issued a kick to give him the opportunity. He rejoined and continued to loot the same base and ignored me so issued with perma ban.





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