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Different Staff Ranks


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To start things off I have no experience with staff myself, but this gives me the chance to see from the outside in.

Right now it seems like staff juggle a lot of balls with trying to help out in many different ways. Why not have varied staff ranks denoted to specific tasks? (This may already be implemented, and if so please ignore this post!)

Some examples could be event staff (staff that are more on the creative side that only assist with events), support staff (for tickets), in-game staff (specifically for in-server issues), etc.

The benefit to this is that staff such as event staff could have less permissions and training while also being more heavily involved in their specialty, making these tasks more efficient/impactful than having all staff being more spread out. More people may decide to apply for certain positions as well since there may be those that do not want to deal with players, but want to contribute to events (or vice-versa).

As previously mentioned, I have no experience in the way staff are trained or how roles are split, but if this is not in consideration than perhaps it may be helpful to give it a shot!

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