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Tower CRASH Event - AU Pure - 2pm (AEST) Saturday 19th September

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Tower CRASH! is back on AU Pure in a new 2-round - winner take all format on Saturday 19th September at 2pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)


What is Tower Crash???

Your mission - destroy your opponents towers before they destroy yours... with ROCKET LAUNCHERS!

What's new???

In this iteration the game will run as follows:

This is an 8-player game - the first 8 people to join the event are in!

The 8 players will then be randomly assigned to teams of 4 to start the first round... a 4x4 team battle to the death! (Shown on the left of the image above).

The team that wins round 1 will progress to Round 2 - a 1x1x1x1 battle to the DEATH (shown on the right of the image above).

Are there prizes??? (YES!)

The last player standing will get a $10 EZ Store Credit
The 2nd place player will get a $5 EZ Store Credit
The other 2 players who got to the final round will get a Supply Signal each

We'll see you on AU Pure at 2pm (AEST) on Saturday 19th September! :)

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