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US Pure 3 Day Ban - comstock.skyler.nm

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Offender: comstock.skyler.nm
Server: US Pure
Time: 3:56am
Length: 3 Day
Reason: Looting sleepers and players. refused to talk to an admin/admin disrespect.
More Info (Optional): After warning this player about accessing sleepers I witnessed the player go to a small room that had a sleeper in it and access the inventory as well as the box inside..After I became visible and asked they stop so we could talk they kept running and ignoring, I kicked them so that I could have a conversation with them once they came back in (if they came back in) also in hopes that they would cease the behavior, give them time to re-read the server rules and have a convo with me..when they logged in they ignored me and refused any interaction resulting in a 3 day ban with the hopes that they correct how they play, give them time to read the rules and hopefully have them back as a productive member of our community.

loot logs available upon request.

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