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AU Scourge Suggestions

Thanatos Returns

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Firstly let me say, life is too short to worry about plagiarism - but the next couple of suggestions come from my experience on a server by the name of:  [AU] Plagued Rust - PVE.
https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/rust/8193258 )

Some different experiences I had there:

1. Zombies include the grenadier class, and they seem to behave more aggressively and are likely to be in groups.

2. Regular Event "crate drops spawns", that are guarded by different levels of guards e.g. Easy/Medium/Hard(these guys are super accurate/aggressive)

3.a) PVP zones, appear like a transparent dome, covering a few grids in radius.
3.b) Inside PVP zones you find spawning NPC bases with the general turret defenses, including flame turrets which are a nice source of low grade when destroyed.
3.c) One monument is included in a PVP zone - on the Plague server they used Launch Site. Not sure if I even would like to see something like that implemented... but it adds excitement.

4. Quest mod. Quests have varying rewards when completed, and fall into 3 or 4 categories. Killing, Gathering, Crafting/Progression related (e.g. Build a T3 workbench, achievable once). Killing quests may include bears/scientists/etc and once completed and claimed, can be reset to complete again - may reward anything from Salvage Picks, to AK's, to Scrap.

5. One additional Skill, gathering - improves from collecting the lootable stone, metal, sulfur, wood, and hemp resources.

While I find EZ Scourge to be my favorite haunt, this Plague server certainly tickled my fancy - as the saying goes.

Thanks for your time

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I'm a big fan of PVE as I play at work and don't like customers getting me killed. They already make flying and smurfs more dangerous. But I can see that some might look at PVE as a steping stone to PVP. Time to get use to the game, work out how things work before getting killed and teabagged on the beach. Maybe a small PVP island that allow you to be killed but you respawn with your gear and loot. Bases built on the island can be raided. Or have a switch players can hit to make there base raidable.

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