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Gandhi/PorkGG Banned US Pure

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Offender: Gandhi/PorkGG   Steam id: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069773965 / https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198321397391   BM ID: https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/players/896318351 / https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/players/925426404
Server: US Pure
Time: 1/8/2021  1:12 AM / 1:30 AM
Length: Permanent
Reason: Admin disrespect/sexism/Looting/player harassment. A player from a team noticed items were missing from their chests, the logs showed only one unauthorized player, Gandhi. When approached, he attempted to lie and say he didn't access anyone's chests. Upon finding out we can access the logs, he ran back to return the items. He was thanked for returning the items and then proceeded to jump at the window from which the chests were accessed and started harassing one of the players and stating that "I always return more than I take", insinuating this is common behavior for this player. When asked to leave he claimed he was just trying to donate his LR to the player as an apology and when the player came outside he dropped the LR and said it was for "The admin being bitch. Trying to apologize before she get her period blood all over her face." He then ran up to me yelling "He stole my LR! Ban him!" I tried to give the player the benefit of the doubt. hoping they were just having a bad night he was given a 3-day ban.

15 minutes later PorkGG logged into the server, as shown in the screenshots this player is also Gandhi. He kept asking where his LR was and was informed it was returned to Gandhi. He immediately jumped into another players base and began looting it. PorkGG was permanently banned and Gandhi's ban was increased from a 3-day to permanent.





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  • 4 months later...

I apologize sincerely for my actions on this particular evening. This was a one off incident that I have reflected on in the last few months. I did enjoy this server and would appreciate consideration to removing my permanent ban.  Porkgg is not my account and was just a reactive friend at the time, as you can see he could not spell my name correctly. Considering my temporary ban was increased due to him and my resentment for my actions I would greatly appreciate your consideration. 



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Hello Gandhi,

Thanks for taking the time to submit an appeal. The behavior you exhibited in January was absolutely uncalled for and completely disrespectful to both your fellow players and myself. It surprised me, as just the week prior we spent over 8 hours together running through 300 and Lauen's maze and had a good time. I took this into consideration during the first and second confrontation, as I was hoping you were just having a bad night and wanted to give you the opportunity to curb your behavior. It got to a point where you became very crude and abrasive towards me and left me no other choice but to ban you. I had really hoped you would server your 3 days and come back having learned the error of your ways, so I was surprised to see you log in so soon after under an alternative account. You may not recall, but I actually spoke with you under the PorkGG account, this is how I was able to confirm it was you and not just a reactive friend.

I've spent the day looking this over and have determined that your ban will not be lifted at this time. I wish you luck in finding a server more suited to your playstyle.


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