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Spicy Bum :) Banned US Survival

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Offender: Spicy Bum 🙂 ID: 76561198975580633

Server: US Survival

Time: 7 pm EST

Length: Permanent or until appealed

Reason: Raiding a players base, and changing a sign to a vulgar term.

More Info:  This player some how got authorized onto the TC and used a hammer to break out a window and enter and take everything out of there loot boxes. Said players had stuff stolen from them earlier this week and had an admin ban a player for stealing. The owners of the house then put down NEW boxes and stuff so when I did looters there was only 2 names on these new boxes the owner and Spicy Bum. Spicy Bum then changed the  name on their signs outside writing GAY on them all.



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