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Wall of Disappointment


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Free gifts are awesome, and even moreso when it's players purchasing them for everyone.
But now that stockings have no functionality other than extremely limited storage.... y'all can tell why it's a wall of disappointment.
Death, I know you're super busy optimizing the servers and trying to fix everything for us all. Thank you for that. Nut this is a small, huge quality of life thing I would love, get rid of the stockings from the loot roll. Please.

Don't h8 furs

P.S. Yes, 52 FPS. I'm STILL WAITING after two months for my 3070 so I can build the new PC. As long as it doesn't dip below 30 while I'm streaming, none of my viewers have noticed. yet.

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To my best knowledge/memory, the stockings are hard coded into the Presents drop list because both resources are originally from the Official Rust Christmas event.  Until Death figures out how to remove the item specifically, we are stuck with the Stocking as a boobie prize.  This has been a complaint regarding the Presents for years.

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