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Large and small oil rig crate timers


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I seen a few people do it and it happened on one of my runs too. The oil rig crate timer is set at the moment on one minute. When crate timer gets started  you can actually loot it and teleport out before the heavies arrive. Making it an easy target for people that want to steal the crate or leave heavies for the next group that wants to do oil rig. Making it harder to clear it.

My suggestion is to set it to 2 minutes. It takes round 1min10sec/1min/20sec before the first heavy scientist walks inside the red room.

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(You're primarily on US Scourge, right?)

I do agree that something could be done about this. I've also had to deal with a respawned oil rig, that also just so happens to have all the leftover heavies still on it. I'm not sure what can be done other than increasing the timer length, so I'll vouch for that.

The only issue I'm seeing is that tampering the timer for one locked crate, probably changes all of the timers. It might explain why not only are the oil rig crates at 1 minute, but so is the CH-47 crate, and the cargo crates. If the timers can be separated, I'd personally set the oil rig timers back to 15 minutes, the default.

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