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Banned EU Scourge:JimBo skinport.com

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Offender : <PlayerName> <SteamProfileLink> <BattlemetricsProfileLink>

Server : EU Scourge

Time : 20:33 16-01-21

Length : 1 day

Reason : Player had entered a base garage area and had stolen parts and was being abusive in voice to the owners. Owners had shut the doors trying to get him to return the items and player proceeded to destroy vehice chassis. Admin was called and player was still being rude and eventually returned the items. Even after getting him to leave the base the player was being rude and obnoxious to the admin demanding a heli be spawned and when told to go away and play he continued to say he will carry on causing issues because "do you know who I am". He was warned several times in chat to calm down and move on else he will be kicked. He has been given a day to take a breath.

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