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Allow for a Real Estate business


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As I understand the current rules, a real estate business is not possible.  I understand that because you have to allow space for people to build, and people hogging a whole area isn't ideal.

My suggestion is that allow up to a 'certain' number of lots to be speculative.  this would allow for a market where people sell lots.  to prevent the lot crawl you can limit the number of speculative lots and even maybe limit them to certain areas.... like only lots abutting the road can be speculative.  i am just spitballing ideas here, but i would like to think that the real estate business is a viable model in pve rust.

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Hi @Antithasys, what RustEZ server do you commonly play on? We have multiple types of servers, Pure, Survival, and Scourge. As a Scourge player, I know that people will build on land and then sell their buildings, and never once have I seen those actions be punished or frowned upon.

If you'll let us know what server(s) you're suggesting this for in your post, I think it'll really help clarify your suggestion.

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