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Profit vs Loss in vending machines


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Hello everyone.


I am creating this post more specifically for Survival EU players.

Today I was looking at the stores and I think there is a little lack of perception on the part of the profit vs. loss players! Let's see, I saw stores selling Metal Face Mask for 25 Scrap each.

What does a Metal Face Mask require to be made?

  • 50 lether
  • 15 High Quality
  • 6 Sewing Kit These
  • 15 High Quality Metal (when exchanged for Scrap, give 30 Scrap ... )


Right here, they are already at a loss to sell such item for 25 Scrap.


I also saw other stores where Fuses were sold for 10 Scrap !! Who sells fuses for 10 Scrap. 

Have you tried to recycle a Fuse to see how much you get from Scrap? Not? So try and see if you don't get 25 for each fuse ...


Don't get me wrong but I think that having the lowest possible price without loss, I agree, now ridiculously lowering prices causing them to be at a loss,  just to have the lowerest prices at the server, is just stupid!

At the end of the day, we all know that the important thing is to have Scrap to sell at the end of the wype and keep the money in the shop, but this way they are severely at a loss! I think you should set up a table in the FAQ's with conversions, for example, a Face Mask when recycled what you can give etc. to have a better perception of what can be profitable or not, I see a lot of people honestly.

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