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Goodbye to U.S. Pure


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So I play(ed) on U.S. Pure. This is only my third wipe on rust and Pure was my first server. The first wipe was pretty solid. Admins were friendly. The player base was friendly. People were super helpful. I learned quite a bit. Met some cool people.

2nd wipe. Formed a team with said cool people from first wipe and learned more. The admins were still solid but the wipe was pretty much ruined the first week by a clan of farmers and hoarders. A couple got banned but that took so much hoop jumping and was to little to late. It didn't really calm down until the last week when the remaining players stopped playing for the remainder of the wipe.

3rd (this wipe). My team bailed by the end of week 1. It was so crowded. All the server problems. The trolls. Just was way to overwhelming. Not to mention rules being broken and being left unchecked or what we perceived to be selectively enforced.

So this is my goodbye. It was a good learning experience. I appreciate the help and the mostly decent populace. But me any my team don't plan on coming back. We will be on a server created by one of the team members and it already has a small but solid player base.

Most of y'all won't care. Some of you might. Despite any negative issues, still wanted to say thanks for the experience. Good learning time and eye opening.

Happy gaming people. 

Thanks for teaching me what nodes were day 1 @amsullivan Thanks for explaining the rules in a polite and friendly manner @Northstarz Thanks for helping me learn building and electrical @Carpediems

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21 minutes ago, Flux said:

“selectively enforced” also known as admin abuse as the admins are bias as f no admins know what to do they do as they want

they cheat as they want but nothing ever comes of it as the leadership are also bias to their admins

Please don't try to twist my words because of the chip on your shoulder from where you play(ed).  I said what I said.

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I can realate.
Sadly, I had to quit the US Pure too, due to the increase in population. After 6 wipes, where I learned a lot and met so many nice people. Always loved the attention and care of the Admins. Specially @amsullivan, @Northstarz and @Granny.
Great community, that teaches me that even in RUST, people can be nice to each other. (to a certain point lol)
I quit because I'm a loner and I like to keep distance from people. Wich is impossible in a server with 200+ people.
I am a solo, and I'll always be. I like to talk with people in chat about random things with my broken english and that's it. Enough interaction for me.

Also, the hoarders are a problem, specially with Cars. And with that many people online, resources will scarce. And being a pve server, where you can't kill or steal...it's a problem.

I migrated to the AU Pure. Where people are really nice too. And I found my peace to chill in Rust there. 🙂

I hope to return someday. See ya!

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