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Things to do on this server


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There are tons of things to do! What server are you on?  It looks like you are playing on Pure. That changes what mods and plugins are available for use. 

If you follow this link https://rustez.com/connect/ you can see a complete link of RustEZ servers and their descriptions. Pure is not modded and most close to vanilla. I encourage you to check out other RustEZ servers if you are not enjoying the Pure experience to see what else we have to offer!

If you are on a modded server (Scourge or Survival) you can type /info at any time in chat to see an overview of the mods and cool things that are available for you to check out!

On Scourge servers, there are a TON of extra NPCs called zombies. These can be found along roads, trails, by monuments, on ice lakes, and by caves. Be sure to loot their bodies after you kill them for some unique items, including fishing rods, that you can actually use to fish! 😄 

So what else is there to do? Between running monuments, participating in server events, making friends, gambling at Bandit camp, roleplaying a bard, diving for loot... You can really do anything you want (as long as it isn't  breaking rules) but the most important thing is to have fun in the process!

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