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/Top Records and Horses


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Hey there! I've been having a blast playing on the US Survival server for just about a month now!
In this month time I have done various things that are exclusive to the server, including participating in trying to get /Top records. 

I had put some effort into trying to get some records, and failing. Not upset about that, thats the fun.

What wasn't fun for me, or at least made my heart sink... Was seeing top records being broken by low effort players who buy a horse and park it somewhere that has a high render zone and then just go through the different weapons setting all the top scores. Within like 15 minutes on the server 5+ Top records were broken using horses.

Would it be possible to make a plugin that disables horse kills from counting? It would be devastating to spend hours getting a Top on a wild you found and worked towards ranging for the kill, only to have that record broken by someone who parked a horse and shot at it 500 times.

I could be wrong and people could hate this idea.... it's just... wheres the sense of adventure and accomplishment? Something about fish in a barrel comes to mind.

Thanks, Silent

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