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EU Scourge : '' panthus Sappho

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Offender: '' panthus Sappho    STEAM
Server: EU Scourge
Time: 12:55 PM ET
Length: 3 days
Reason: Theft and toxicity.
More Info:
Player teamed with another, before using that new alliance to loot their body. When confronted by the victim, player became accusatory, and toxic. 
A 3 day ban is in place to assure the player understands that we will not tolerate certain behaviors.


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39 minutes ago, DChosen said:

Hello, I only said one thing. He stealed me, and insulte so much and today before the ban he harassing me and said "I wish bann". He is a so toxic player please, bann again.

My best advice, is to simply mute them in game by left clicking their name and selecting the "Mute" option. I see little in chat logs since their return to suggest they were instigating any troubles today. Please leave one another be as best as you can.

If they deliberately seek you out to harass or grief you, then please reach out to us. 

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