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Does anyone have a CD key for Rust or would someone buy it for me? Because I really want the game but I don't have the money for it. I'm a really big fan of this game. That game is absolutely great but I can't play it. Just watching others play it. Is there anyone with a good soul and knows what it's like not to have money? 
I'll do anything to have the game. Just please write me someone 😞 😞
PM me and we can agree. Thanks.

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The game was 40% off winter sale I think. It is regularly on sale when steam store has sales. I know I bought it on Nov2018 for $20.

The key reselling websites are short of extra keys at good prices because the game has not been more popular than its been for the past month.

If you do get the game I strongly suggest you join the community. It's a PVE community, that is a great incubator to learn the game.

I myself don't condone giving out free steam keys for a specific game unless its a raffle etc. Because some people get game bans for cheating etc and just want another one so they can play. Not suggesting this is your situation. Just I don't support it, should be your money your risk.


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