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SpookyBasement Banned US Pure

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Offender: SpookyBasement  Steam ID  BM ID
Server: US Pure
Time: 2/5/2021  2:11 PM
Length: Permanent
Reason: Looting and Refusal to Follow Server Rules

More Info: Player was caught looting another players refinery, upon trying to talk to them they began yelling "That's not a rule" over and over (regarding no stealing). After I asked them if they were going to have a civilized conversation they began talking with a fake accent and pretended they couldn't understand me. I informed them that following server rules was not a suggestion but a requirement if they were to remain on the server and they began talking normal again saying I was wasting my time with them since no stealing isn't a rule. After repeatedly refusing to comply with server rules, I was left with no choice but to ban.


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