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CocoNutzzz and Mario Judah Banned US Pure

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Offender: CocoNutzzz  Steam ID  BM ID & Mario Judah  Steam ID  BM ID
Server: US Pure
Time: 2/8/2021  9:21 PM
Length: Permanent
Reason: Looting and Refusal to Comply with Server Rules

More Info (optional):

Both players twigged into another players unprotected compound and began looting the furnaces, refineries and pumpjacks. Upon popping in Mario Judah pretended to not hear me, then began speaking with a fake accent and pretended they couldn't understand me. I explained the server rules three times to them and then told them to return the items they took. After they dropped half of the items and said they were done I told them to give back all of it and they refused, again pretending to speak with a fake accent. While this was happening CocoNutzzz twigged out of the base and attempted to run away. One the ban processed for Mario, I popped in and they immediately killed themselves. I collected the items they took and returned them. I popped back over to the player again and they had just finished stealing from another person, as soon as they saw me they refused to listen to the server rules and disconnected.





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