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Hello, good afternoon, I need your help, I was banned from your servers for looting a person asleep in the building of the nuclear station. He slept where the main loot was. I know he made a mistake and did not know his policies well. I apologize and I am very clear. now your policies I would like a second chance I hope you understand a greeting

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Hello Takito,

You were not banned on a first offense, but third as shown here in your ban report (when your name was still PepeGG): 



While the second and third warnings were not handled by myself, the first warning was after you looted from Bradley crates after not assisting in taking him down. I clearly recall explaining the rules to you thoroughly, which you originally attempted to ignore until I further explained that it is a bannable offense. You still attempted to keep some of the stolen items after this entire conversation, I had to forcefully take them back. It should not take a ban for a player to learn and understand the rules, especially when they have as many warnings as you've received. Your ban will remain in place, I wish you luck on finding a server more suited to your play style.



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i came from normal rust servers and I did not know what the server was about, then inform me well but I understand your position and I repeat it a lot if I wish you the best and I regret my inappropriate behavior and it hurts that the language separates us so much And for not understanding well what the server was about i feal the punishment was too severe for me, I accept it.😪

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