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smeat Banned US Scourge (7 days)

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Offender: smeat (Battlemetrics) (Steam)

Server: US Scourge

Time: 3:35AM EST

Length: 7 days

Reason: Player griefing, multiple warnings for rule-breaking.

Player had three previous warnings on account. The first was for stealing crates (01/09/21), the second for being toxic to another player (01/15/21). I was not witness to these events.

The third warning was earlier today for which I was witness to. It is directly related to the ban so I will go into detail.

This third warning was for player disrespect and entering another player’s compound without their permission with the intent to grief them. He entered past another player’s walls to chop down their trees with a chainsaw, fully knowing they had just erected those walls to prevent players from coming near their base and/or chopping their trees. He then mocked them over voice chat. When Player B returned and saw what had happened, words were exchanged over global, with screenshots to follow, that were very disrespectful on both ends, with smeat trying to bait them further into a fight. I have provided part of this conversation for reference. Both players involved received warnings for this.

Afterwards, I had lengthy chats with both players over voice in-game going over rules, including griefing, player disrespect, not entering other people’s bases/compounds without their permission, and informed them how to mute someone in-chat. I told smeat this was his final warning for rule-breaking actions.

Just after this conversation, I overheard smeat discussing with a teammate how to further grief Player B, including the possibility of surrounding their compound with twig builds and signs. They were fully aware that what they were planning to do would be against server rules. Sure enough when I returned shortly afterwards to visit Player B's compound, smeat and his teammate were erecting twig builds around Player B's compound.

Taking into consideration previous warnings, and that I had just gone over the rules with him, I am setting it at a 7-day ban. I hope he takes that time to seriously consider his actions and review the rules if he wants to be a positive member of the RustEZ community.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 3.41.12 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 3.25.47 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 3.24.29 AM.png

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How is building bases for my teammates against server policy? I had full locking mechanisms and such for the bases. Each one of my clan members were going to live there. I had nothing disrespectful on the buildings and my intent was not to break server rules if you were listening in on voice chat.  

Maybe you should ban the players actually causing the issues with this server instead of the ones playing it for PvE fun. For spectators reading outside this, my teammate was threatened and harassed for cutting trees outside their base. He was so concerned he called an admin, Jedi, to see if he did anything wrong. The user who harassed and threatened was not given any warning or punishment whatsoever until later on when he attacked me in Global chat for cutting trees near his base. The individual was never mad at me before and we hung out at his base quite frequently. Apparently this went beyond memes and he baited me into this ban for whatever reason.

I am sorry for those offended except the individual who caused all this from the start. I will be leaving this community as these one sided ban reports are unjust and don't tell the full story that was to tell.

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This ban report is focussing solely on your actions and choices in these situations. I have addressed the other players involved separately, issued warnings where appropriate, and had chats with them as well about server rules and what is and is not okay.

Building a base with a teammate (provided it follows all server rules concerning building) is fine. Building with the sole intent of surrounding another player’s compound with massive twig builds in order to grief and aggravate them is not okay. We do not tolerate player griefing, disrespect, or harassment on RustEZ servers. 

After your third warning, I had a lengthy chat with you and your teammate about server rules, and informed you on how to mute a player in-game and over voice chat. I reminded you that you already had multiple warnings so it was important to follow the rules, and important to ask for clarification or for an admin’s help when needed.

Almost immediately after I went to teleport away, I witnessed you and your teammate change conversation, and start brainstorming ideas on how to aggravate the other player and his associates, including the idea of surrounding their compound with massive twig builds and putting signs on them. I had to teleport away to assist other players so was unable to talk to you two at this time. In your conversations, you were both fully aware that what you were planning to do would be against server rules. 

When I was next free, I witnessed you two building the massive twig builds, trying to fill in as much area as possible with builds and TCs, before you left to do some timed server events. I took the time to take screenshots and logs of each build. I teleported back to chat with you two and witnessed another conversation about the griefing twig builds, and warning each other to “watch out” as you might “get in trouble.” You and your teammate were both fully aware that it was griefing, against the server rules, and would have repercussions.

I am certain that if I had not taken ban action at this point, you would have continued expanding on these builds and adding signs, further escalating tension between you and the other players, and further griefing and harassing them.

If you do return to play, I recommend you look over the rules carefully. I am always willing to provide clarification on rules. It is important to contact an admin if there is a problem with another player, instead of trying to further escalate a situation. 

I will keep this thread open for now to allow you to make an appeal for the ban if you wish to do so.

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The bases are right next to my heli tower you conveniently cropped out of the top of screenshot. My only crime is building a twig base, and the warning before was falsely gained as I explained to you before in-game that you didn't want to talk about until I contacted SPLIFF. I went over to their base recently a lot as their friend, and the one time they don't want me (which they didn't tell me not to come there or to even get out) there I get a warning. You say you were following me in-game when this happened, the first warning, but this happened like a hour or so after the situation in which they harassed Darth so in no way did you hear me say anything to them because I didn't when I was in there compound cutting the tree and if you were really there you didn't hear them say anything to me either up until 20-30ish minutes later in global chat.

This ban is unwarranted especially for 7 days hitting the purge timer and it will delete all my group bases as I was the original TC placer. Why would I want to come back and spend more time/money on a server that allows me to be treated like that?

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The details on inactive purge can be seen here: https://rustez.com/faq/question/58-how-does-inactive-purge-work/


Provided there are still active members on the tool cupboards, the bases should not be purged.

As I said before: The first warning was for stealing crates (01/09/21), the second for being toxic to another player (01/15/21). I was not witness to these events. Your third warning was for player disrespect (including insults over global chat) and for entering another player's compound without their permission with the intent to grief them.

The ban was for player griefing by way of purposefully surrounding their base with massive twig builds with the sole intent of harassing them, directly after having been reminded of the server rules and given your final warning for breaking them.

Considering that there is no remorse shown, or owning up to your actions and choices, the ban will remain in place.



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