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boby_richard Banned US Pure 1 day

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Offender: boby_richard  Steam ID  BM ID
Server: US Pure
Time: 2/12/2021  5:47 PM
Length: 1 day
Reason:  Stealing

More Info (optional): Player flew his heli onto another players roof and jumped into the other's scrapper. The player who owned the scrapper asked them repeated not to take it and when they didn't listen they called an admin over. I witnessed the player trying to leave with the scrapper and told him to return it immediately. I attempted to talk to him about the rules but he kept talking over me saying "i was joking, it's a joke" and refused to stop and listen, they instead decided to take off in their mini even after being warned that refusing to comply, acknowledge and follow server rules could result in a ban. Player has been banned for 1 day with the message to review the server rules carefully before returning to the server.

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