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ban appeals [eu] zombie

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19 minutes ago, GREENG1ANT said:

Well, I'm not an admin, but I'm guessing it's because of derogatory language. You were already given a temp ban prior for such language, and someone complained about you using derogatory language about someone's dad in chat after you joined back.

The incident you are referring from one server has nothing to do with this banning on another. Thank you.

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I spectated you before you sought out the garrison, the players there where raiding it, and you swam across the bay to be there, they told you numours times to get off the garrison witch you did not. then i ask you to leave the area, witch you did not. besides everyone ask you to leave you stuck arround and climbed the ladder, after that you entered the garrison and then back up on to the spot where the one who was raiding stood. I asked you 4 times to go somewhere else but i was ignored.

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Pro Tip: Don't turn off your chat when an admin is speaking with you in game so you get the message.

Your ban will automatically expire in 6 days. As this is the second temp ban on your account in the few days you've been here, I strongly suggest you take the time to read the rules  the next time you log in to our server.

Any additional admin actions taken on your account will result in a  permanent ban on our servers.

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