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General Harassment Claim.

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Id like to file a general Harassment Claim in the hopes of having some form of action pressed against "Jim" on RustEZ PurePVE. Jim has been causing me and the group I'm basing with no end of trouble including but not limited to breaking into our base to steal cars, looting our base, harassing visitors, spamming me directly with the @ Notification,  Rallying other players to do the same and as it is rust sadly they can and will follow a child, I've personally muted him and moved past this little incident but the group I'm with for this wipe is having to constantly explain themselves ether publicly or to admins and its getting quite annoying. I will be compiling any evidence of this in the attachments section. 


Here's List of names Followed by steam id's of any alleged individuals. 

Name - Steam ID

Jim - 76561198964820688

BlueJay - 76561199030298682

barrymccockinner69 - 76561198438814463


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Adding Names and Evidence.
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Update: Jim has now taken to it that we are apparently harassing him after being warned to stop by @amsullivan

Update: BlueJay and Jim have taken to running into the base screaming "nice daycare" with no context and refused to leave. 

Update: Jim drove past and screamed "Losers" after being informed he was being reported. 

Update: A player named Candy decided to leave there group after seeing the toxic side of it, he was then screamed at for being a Traitor by jim and Barry.

Update: "XGodzModz666" Claims to have video proof of most of these cases. 

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More Updates.
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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I have since replied to xGodz report and will look into the matter with the US Pure team.

We cannot moderate actions done in your discord however you can block the player from sending you anything further in discord and steam. You can also mute them ingame. 

I understand how distressing this may be for you but please be patient while we look into this and take the necessary steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable game space for all.


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