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a player keeps coming to our base and spamming our discords and @ing us in the game when we ask them to stop but they wont. and they still come around even when we asked not to. it is in the pure PVE US sever. there names are jIM. Blue jay. and Barrymccockinner69. the last master took part of spamming to.

i have pics from the discord. and ill find the ones form the sever.


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  • Staff

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, actions have already being taken and we are and will look into everything else you just mentioned. Please dm me the video if you want either dm here or on discord.  As for them spamming you that through your discord we cannot moderate things outside of the game but you can block players on discord from harassing you. We take harassment very seriously and work diligently to try to make it a safe space for everyone.

Again I am sorry you had been put through this and we will look into the matter.


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