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US Pure 3 Day Ban - rickydlc714

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Offender: rickydlc714  BM: https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/players/983818186 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199103726843
Server: US Pure
Time: 2:32am est.
Length: 3 Days
Reason: Blocking off large area's of unused land after warnings.
More Info (Optional): A Player called me over to look at a build that was blocking off a large portioin of land near launch. I verbally spoke to rickydlc714 and gave a warning about his first build that he did which enclosed a large area of land. I explained out building rules instructed him to read and review our rules and left letting him know he can build but it has to be within our rules. His build must be utilized and he cannot block off large area's of land. I then asked if he would take it down and he instead wanted me to do it..which I was happy to help him remove the large build.

I was informed once again by a different player about a large build that is blocking off large area's of unused land once again. When i popped over to see and talk with the player They didnt want to listen to anything i had to say and just wanted me to leave and let them build..which I told them I had no problem doing but they have to build within the rules and this current build (same as before) goes against our rules and policies. I removed the second build as well and I decided a 3 day ban would give this player sufficient time to become acquainted with our building rules and I hope he returns and plays within the rules and policies we have and become a great new addition to our community. 




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