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A no PvP RUST experience comes with some fairly major drawbacks. Many of these are already brought up and the team here has been pretty good at implimenting countermeasures to fix those issues. Is it all perfect? No - but what is?

We play on AU Pure and until this week, light towers have luckily been an issue experienced by players on the other side of the map. But we recently got new neighbours who have literally boxed us in with light towers facing the road. I understand that some of the players who build these towers legitimately believe they are helping, but at the same time they also don't care to ask anyone if they even want it. In fact quite a few players suffer lag when faced with light towers and have to start avoiding areas with them. (Note that each tower has a wind turbine, battery and at least 4 spotlights in this scenario)

On a 'traditional' server, players can just blow them up and move on. That's the win with PvP, ugly builds and lag builds dont last. But here we are faced with rules that protect these builds. Despite them being built on our doorstep, the rules say I cannot bring them down yet these light towers ruin the ambience of our area (which until these guys moved in, was relatively empty and quiet).

My recommendation is some sort of a light pollution rule. A rule that prevents players from putting down unwanted towers of spotlights in public areas (Unless the residents of that area all discuss it I guess?) and to ensure the rule makes sense, also prevents players setting up spotlights facing other players bases (As they can be VERY annoying).

I'm quite hesitant to ask for more rules as I think there are already so many that we all need to play by, but also feel this is a quality of gameplay rule that many of our community, and maybe other servers, would like to see in play. Currently, our hands are tied. Two weeks of building and now we're surrounded and aren't allowed to exact revenge. Hopefully passing of a rule here will prevent this from happening in the future to others (and us!)

Thanks for reading.

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I'm with you. I detest the search lights/spotlights. They're lag-inducing and the light they generate is garishly bright. Last wipe, a neighbor added what seemed like a million of them to their base and flooded an entire grid square with light like you were staring into the sun 24/7. Driving through there was laggy and gave me a headache, but I couldn't reasonably avoid it. This wipe, a neighbor faced several of the lights in my window, but that was taken care of swiftly by the admins.

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