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WoolEagle36739 Banned US Pure 5 Days

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Offender: WoolEagle36739  Steam ID  BM ID
Server: US Pure
Time: 2/17/2021  12:02 PM
Length: 5 days
Reason:  Greifing

More Info (optional):  Player was first warned on 2/13 for harassing other players. They were new to the game and to the server so the rules and how to find them were explained to them.

They received their second warning on 2/16 for shooting player vehicles and attempting to trap players in their base. In this warning it was explained that shooting player vehicles can damage/break them and kill the player thus it is considered a form of greifing. 24 Hours later they again were shooting at player vehicles. They received a 5 day ban with the hopes that they will learn their lesson, read the rules and return to the community without further issue.

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