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ykkyle Banned US Scourge (12 days)

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Offender: ykkyle (Battlemetrics) (Steam)
Server: US Scourge
Time: 11:15PM EST
Length: 12 days
Reason: Griefing, looting, theft.
More Info (Optional):

Player had two prior warnings on account: first was for chat spam, second was for griefing and destroying other player's cars.

I was investigating possible instances of him and teammate Kwkinnard looting decaying bases, as well as potentially luring heli to bases. I witnessed them both lure heli to a wood base, destroying it and the TC inside. They then placed their own TC down, looting as many items of worth as they could, before removing the TC and leaving the base to decay. A sleeper inside was also killed.

Multiple instances of placing a TC on decayed bases and then looting can be found on this player's account. To protect the privacy of other individuals I will not provide direct screenshots here.

Just some of the instances I have found (so far) were on these dates at these times. Each new entry is a new player that was stolen from. All times are EST.

February 13 4:48PM 

February 13 4:48 PM (another player)

February 13 4:21 PM

February 13 4:22PM

February 17: 5:49 PM

February 17: 5:51 PM

February 17: 6:13 PM

February 17: 10:27 PM

Due to the severity of the player's actions, the prior warnings on the account, and the number of players affected by their actions, I have set the ban at 12 days.

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I did not see the beginning of the heli fight, just the end. The very tail end of what I witnessed, placing a TC down to loot and partially destroy a base that had just been damaged by heli, was enough in itself to warrant a ban.

I saw you and Kwkinnard fighting the heli by the other player’s base, not your tower as that was intact and not damaged. I got there just as a volley of rockets killed both of you and the sleeper inside.


I saw the flames all over the destroyed base, as the heli was downed. Then I witnessed Kwkinnard placing a TC, while both of you picked up and looted as much as possible. He then removed the TC so that the last few remaining foundations would decay.

Even if the heli destroying the base was NOT intentional, the other actions afterwards certainly were. Instead of calling an admin to help with a base that was destroyed by heli, you both took advantage of the situation for personal gain, by gathering and stealing everything that you had deemed was worth keeping, and leaving the rest to decay. 

Looting decaying bases by putting a TC down on them is not allowed. Looting a base that you just saw get destroyed by heli by putting a TC down is definitely not allowed. These are both considered stealing and griefing which is against the rules.

The ban will remain in place.

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yea that's fine. that base stayed there for a while and I wanted to build there. I mean I'm not going to make up an excuse because I know you guys can see everything but I mean instead of talking to us in game about everything I wake up to a 12 day ban. My poor base will decay lol. But if you talked to me about it I would've payed everyone back in LGF and we would've never done the criminal roleplay again. I agree with the ban but 12 days. That hurts because RustEZ is the server that I've spent most of my hours on. Just wished you guys would've spoken direct with me. I would've easily gave everyone their stuff back. Our intentions was not to loot the base tbh, just remove it. But like every time I got fussed at to not do something I wont ever do it again


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Generally, we operate with a "3 strikes/warnings and you're out" rule, in which the third strike results in a ban, depending on a variety of factors. Since this was your third documented case of rule-breaking in a short period of time, and due to its severity, it warranted immediate ban action. As there were two people involved it took a bit of extra time than usual to go through the logs. I also wanted to go over everything with Spliff as well first. It was during this time that you and Kwkinnard136 had logged off, so the ban had to be done while you two were offline.

At this point, the ban will remain in place. A big part of life and growing up is that learning that actions have consequences. I hope you take the next five days to review the rules and reflect on your actions and choices and how they affected other players.

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