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Spawn bases to raid

Pumbler unknown

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I just seen a you tube video of bases that can be spawned in that you can raid and once you break TC counter raider NPC's come to the out side of the base

Can spawn different difficulty levels 

the raid is private so no others stealing loot 

you need to break TC to access the boxes

I can link the video URL if needed just don't want to add as its from another server

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That plugin requires a lot of effort to setup and maintain. It also introduces quite a bit of lag to servers, the more the bases spawn in.


I've played on a 3rd party server that has raid bases 72 of em, but they use a private plugin that existed before that public raid base one does. I won't name it here since we are not allowed to promote servers here. But it creates another layer of toxicity and fighting over the bases that have potential to give better loot. It's a lot of policing for the admins and you almost need someone fulltime just to monitor those. And the most toxic players that play on PVE servers are on that server. As the public raid bases need to be made pvp, since there would be a lot of people stealing loot, like that's already happening with the garrisons 

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Built a server to see just how hard it is and its not that hard. you can set the raids to lock out players not in the team so there would be little fighting as you can't get to the loot to steal it so no need for pvp. The developer even sells a version of the plugin ready to go with bases. you can also set timers on the spawning of the bases and limits so you don't end up with 72 at once. the loot table can be changed very easily (even I can do it with 0 coding exp) 

If the admins get access to copy and paste players can submit bases to be added to the list so players can get involved with input and gives people a reason to use turrets and shot gun traps.
may even lower the twig city if you can get your base added to the list.

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