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This issue happens at EU Scourge as well. When a stone garrison spawns, it gets done in 3 minutes by the same people, given that they are online. 


I also have other suggestions to make it a bit more challenging and more welcoming for players who want to try this feature out:

  1. Randomise spawn location (even in the mainland if possible). Currently, it looks like it spawns only in naked spawn shores.
  2. Make bonus loot scale with level. I know that everybody is going for that sweet HQM to bolster one's net worth or improve the base, but, weirdly, we get 3k HQM in Level 4 Garrisons and 5k HQM in Level 2 Garrisons.
  3. Delete bonus loot when the garrison despawns. If no one can destroy the garrison, I don't see why people should get the bonus loot.
  4. Randomise spawn timer like Bradley. I haven't noticed any anomaly on respawn times, which might resolve some people camping and timing this event.
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