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I seen so many players place so many TC's everywhere to reserve the spot for their bases and I was told that some TC's without any building on them could be destroyed by Mods after 24 hours if nothing is done with them, cool

but my suggestion is about players to have limited amount of TC's that they can place (3-5) so one player cannot have 10-20 bases, reducing clutter and reducing lags, so players will not be able to claim entire river to themselves, one grid entirely etc

same thing about quarries (2 per player) so amount of pipes that lags server could be reduced

this idea might be more polished in the future, but this is base concept of my suggestion

thank you for your time reading this post


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I don't play on survival but I have played scourge and pure. I do think there should be a limit but 3-5 is to low imo. That's not even enough to building protect a main base. Usually I only see people with 1 main base, maybe a garage here and there or a vending station. It's the little 1x1s set up at every monument that start cluttering up the map. Or the people that play for a week and then a base just sits there until the purge gets them.

But again, some sort of building limit that can be enforced would be great. When you get 100+ players on at a time, extremely difficult for admins to prod every single tc on the map. Which is why they rely so heavily on the reporting system. Even then, without a definitive building rule, hard to enforce.

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