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Pam Banned US Pure

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Offender: Pam  Steam ID  BM ID
Server: US Pure
Time: 3/5/2021  8:23 PM
Length: Permanent
Reason:  Player Harassment

More Info (optional): Player has been repeatedly warned and advised to review the rules. During their last warning on 2/13/2021 they were informed that we take player harassment very seriously and that they were on their last chance.

Since wiped happened yesterday the player has been having disagreements with their neighbor. I advised that they try to smooth things over with them or they consider relocating as they hadn't gotten very far into their build and had built in between the neighbor's TCs. I informed them that I would give them the mats they wasted if they chose to relocate but that they did not have to if they didn't want to. They chose to stay. Today they, along with a teammate, were witnessed by admins spamming traps around the neighbors base and trying to harass them. After the neighbor spoke out in chat, admins watched them try to quickly remove them.

Taking into consideration the players past warnings and having been spoken to less than a month ago about being on thin ice due to player harassment, a ban was implemented.


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All things true, a happy medium was reached, however the person who got the ball rolling on the last warning today was OneOutYou and has been overly upset. I asked him to not yell at children, he asked me to leave his team. That's fine, that's dandy. I'll move. But he's asking me to move and got admins involved becuase I told him to stop yelling.

This happened in my private discord, and he was basically yelling at Jay and Jim.  He's been emotionally frayed all day yesterday and today, that's not an accusation but what I personally experienced. Why would a person lash out at me if i've done nothing to them? They were in a bad mood?

You also package dealed them into a singular ban, jay was offline and tasked to finish my roof.

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Thank you for your input, however bans are to be discussed between the admin and player involved. Any prior arguments have no involvement here and bans are implemented solely on the players actions. Pam aka Jay, was witnessed spamming traps to harass their neighbor by two admins. This is not a word-of-mouth thing.

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