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Ghostgod21 Banned US Scourge

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Offender: Ghostgod21 (Battlemetrics) (Steam)
Server: US Scourge
Time: 8:23PM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Player harassment and admin disrespect.
More Info (Optional):

Player entered another player's garage, and stole their car modules and parts. I gave them a warning for this. Right in front of me, they destroyed the chassis, so I gave them another warning for griefing, and told them any further rule-breaking would result in a ban.

A few minutes later, they returned to the garage, and refused to leave the ramp in front of the other player's base. I told them not to enter other player's bases without their permission. When I asked them to move along,  they said "You have literally no right. Go do your laundry, f****t." At this point, I enacted a permanent ban as their language and actions were completely inappropriate.

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