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Banned for Admin taking sides

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as stated in the above post under  "Banned for speaking up"  I WOULD LIKE A DIFFERENT ADMIN  to resolve this issue and come talk to me and not look at the negatives straight away please this is turning into a circus because this admin does not like me 


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You have, from my examination of your chat logs, been abusive on many occasions to many players. You have made crude comments about players, and admins both. You have made snide comments about specific admins whom you seem to feel slighted by, and even gone so far as to state "admins don't like me" and  they wouldn't help you for that reason. This all was said in public chat prior to you applying for an admin position. After you were declined, the toxicity worsened to the point of calling a woman a "slut" and referring to players as a "cunt". 

I went through every single day for the last 2 months of chat logs. There was no side-taking or favoritism.

If I am being honest, and I must be for this situation, by rights you should already have been permanently banned for your caustic toxicity and blatant disrespect.

One of the cardinal rules of these servers is "Be a decent human being". You have failed on many levels in doing this simple task. 

I will spare you further embarrassment by not putting in screen shots of all you have done. I will trust you to be enough of a gentleman to accept that I have no personal or vested interests in taking sides. I went solely on your own actions and public chat logs. 

The temporary ban stays. 

In the future, please do understand that  we do not enjoy having to punish players for misbehaving.  Banning someone is our last choice option when handling issues. You have reached the point, with multiple mutes,  being kicked, and now temporarily banned, that you are on that last chance. 

Re-evaluate your behaviors in this last day of your ban, and come back with a fresher attitude and demeanor.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out for a second evaluation. 

As a side note, Please do not DM any other members of staff. This decision is final. 


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