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EU Pure "Infected" Event - Sat 13th March 20:30 GMT


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Remember that Call of Duty mode "infected"? Well nevermind if not - heres the run down.

We have built an enclosed arena that will act as our home for this event. 

Each round will start with players being given free reign to explore the map and find the best spot to attempt survival. You will be given minimal supplies for your stay, including some form of weapon. 

After 30 seconds, one player will be selected at random to become "infected" and will respawn with higher tier gear, more supplies and a better weapon. His/Her/Its job is now to hunt down the survivors! Once a survivor is killed, they will respawn as "infected" and become a hunter too - get hunting those remaining survivors!

Over time the number of "infected" will overwhelm the remaining survivors and it becomes a last man/woman/undefined standing.

At the end of each round, the last survivor will be declared the winner and we go again with different kits.



EU Pure. All you need to do is be on the server with an empty inventory (including clothes) and wait for the event to start, and join up using the chat command.



Sat 13th March 20:30 GMT



We will have 3 "official" rounds (first will likely just be a warmup) - the winner of each will receive $5 Rust EZ Store Credit.

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