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nice of you to lock the thread for whatever reason. @northstarz

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You are always able to contest a ban as you have done in this form. 

You weren't banned for camping launch you were 3 day banned for toxic behavior and player disrespect. You know the rules of the server. You were caught camping launch and I understand no-one likes being given a warning or being caught breaking the rules but you were witnessed by myself waiting for brad to spawn. Let me be clear here. Although you weren't stationary and would smack a barrel...use a recycler at launch for a couple items...through a supply signal to procrastinate in the area to take brad are tactics and camping nonetheless.

The vast majority of loot at launch was still there as was all the loot in the green card room and fuse room. But how you were at launch as I have stated before was not the reason you were 3 day banned. We have a 0 tolerance policy on admin/player disrespect and toxic behavior. Your display and behavior towards me when we spoke I could have overlooked; However you instead chose to go back to base and return to launch for the sole purpose of staying stationary there in what is seen as a blatant disregard for our rules and your warning.

Becoming toxic and displaying toxic behavior in-game/chat towards others is not something that is tolerated on our servers. You were given a 3 day ban to reflect and cool off and come back calmer and in compliance with the rules. Instead you made an alt account to circumvent your 3 day ban and evade your ban. That account has also been given a ban for 2 days to reflect the native ban on your parent account. If another account shows up I will then change your 3 day ban into a permanent ban of all accounts for ban evasion and circumvention.

As no real attempts were made to appeal your ban I will be locking this thread and hope to see you online in a couple days as part of our loving and rule abiding community.


"Camping Launch is right there in your reply.  i was running the loot route you take when you dont have cards.  never once did i stand still. im not sure how much you were actually watching since i never once touched a barrel. if i wanted barrel loot i would run the road. i never broke any rules pertaining to bradley. that is a flat out lie. i threw a supply signal because it came into my bag while i was runnign my loot route. and if you were paying attention you would see that i didnt even stand and wait for the supply signal. i went and finished looting the rest of launch and grabbed it on my way out.  as for returning.  yes i did return WITHOUT A MEANS to do damage to bradley. "since we all know if you have a rocket launcher on your back = camping".

as for toxic behavior, i replyed to a person serval times that nonstop talks shit to me.  since theyre VIP i understand you overlook that. so the way i see it VIP can antagonize others all they want without question, but the regular folks cannot reply or defend themselves.   

how about you do everyone a favor and post the bradley kill count.  that should show how much i actually kill bradley compared to others.

and then after banning me, you used that to give a warning to my teammate. then you cherry picked though my mod cars and deleted them.  if i were givin a warning i would have gotten rid of all the 2mods i had forsale.  not 4mods and 3mods.  that was a nice little touch.

when the server is as laggy as it is, what would you have us do?  no boats for rigs. to laggy to drive or fly or walk in any type of timely manner.    i guess i could be super cringe and Roleplay a stripclub with people that admit to being 12 and 14 years old.  thats kinda odd behavior would you not agree?


by your definition, what would be a "real attempt" to appeal this ban? 


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Camping a monument does not mean you need to have a launcher on your back. Again no real attempt has been made or remorse given to the toxicity or disrespect displayed by you. Your parent account received the same warning in conjuction with your teammate which you will see when your temporary ban is up. I truly at this point can see there is no remorse for the toxic behavior ingame and your blatant disregard for the rules. Admins are here to uphold the rules and enforce them. We do not create them and have no control if players want to break those rules. We will dole out warnings, temporary or permanent bans should the need arise. I suggest you just take the remaining time away to reflect and acknowledge that actions and behavior has consequences. 

As nothing further can be added and no attempt or display of an appeal has been made this post will be locked and matter considered closed. We will see you in a couple days. 

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