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Banned: US Survival - El Rusto

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Offender:  Battlemetrics Steam El Rusto

Server: RustEZ US Survival
Time: 3/25/2021 7:25 PM CST
Length: Permanent unless appealed
Reason: Griefing/Looting. Two players reported to have had many components taken out of their base without their permission.  A third player reported to have been missing a substantial amount of low grade from their refinery.  Based on loot logs I saw that El Rusto had taken property that belonged to all three players.  When confronted El Rusto denied to have taken anything from them.  During further investigation El Rusto teleported to a different base across the map and logged off.  Loot logs shown below.

el rusto 4.jpg

El Rusto 1.jpg

el rusto 2.jpg

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