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Biweekly on pure EU or Scourge EU ?


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Might just be me . and i am new here .. but i notice that late in wipe almost nobody plays or keep active . Again might just be me and i am sorry , but i would like to ask iff biweekly wipes or map change is even possible .

i dont know the technical part or logistic part . But i would like to talk about it so ppl stays active (more fun for all i say) . i see ppl offline for 7 days and building is deleted which tells me i might have point .


Feel fre to make a point or argue otherwise . (no bad words) keep it clean .

Other then that keep up the good work and commitment from staff and leaders (admins) ! 🤩

(iff anny typos pls forgive i am dyslectic)

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I play on EU Scourge and am not a fan of mid month wipes. There's still plenty to do. People just tend to go to hard the first week or two and burn themselves out. That's a personal decision. That's also the downside to pve. PVP will keep you way more active if you plan on playing a whole wipe. 

Also, a lot of players switch servers mid wipe as well. So if you're truly bored, can always switch to another server and start over that way.

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