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A few noob tips and tricks


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Over the last month, I've become more active on the server and in Rust in general. I wanted to share some of the knowledge I learned with the other noobs out there:

1. Put all of your important stuff in your backpack. If you die, you'll spawn with your backpack and all of that stuff. As you loot, move what you pick up into your backpack.
2. If you buy a car or helicopter and you venture out in either, bring your salvaged hammer. When you get to your destination, smack it with the hammer and it'll return to your inventory as the signal flare. Put that in your backpack!
3. Craft several sleeping bags and when you get to important places, put your sleeping bag outside of the area but close enough so it's a short run, then you can /home to it when you don't have the time to run/drive/fly. Make sure you give them unique names so you can easily identify where that bag is.
4. If you travel far away and complete your business, but don't want to make your way all the way back to your base, just use /home but don't forget, teleports use your net worth so keep an eye on that.

I hope this helps!

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