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Plant Crossbreed question


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Ok so I started using https://wgn.si/genetics/

Last wipe and it worked the first time I used. Not sure if it is luck or what. However now that I am using it again its been mostly a miss.

So my question is

  1. When it says crossbreed these do I select just one of the plants let it get to near end of sapling then plant the rest?
  2. Or do I get a random clone and place the rest around it when at end of sapling?
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When the calculator gives you a list of clones that equal a desired gene, this is what you do:

1. Have a free/empty large planter

2. Place any random clone of the same plant in the centre of the planter. Genes do not matter, it just has to be the same plant. Wait for it to hit sapling stage.

3. Once it hits sapling stage, plant the clones with the genes listed in the calculator around the centre gene in the planter.

4. Once crossbreeding stage is complete, clone the centre plant. (Can be done as early as Mature for hemp and berries, as early for Fruiting for food crops.) It should hit the shown result gene from the calculator.

Hope this helps!

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