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kchil9 Banned US Scourge (6 days)

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Offender: kchil9 (Battlemetrics) (Steam)
Server: US Scourge 
Time: 7:16 PM EST
Length: 6 days
Reason: Stealing and griefing
More Info (Optional):

Player had two previous warnings on account. The first was a 24 hour mute for chat spam on 04/02/2021 at 11:38 PM  EST.
The second warning was earlier today. I verbally went over the rules for them concerning garrisons, that nobody is able to call dibs, and all those who participate and actually do damage with explosives are to share the loot. Player was extremely disrespectful to the raiders. I learned afterwards from multiple witnesses that before I was present, kchil9 also called them f****t multiple times, so I gave a console warning for homophobia and player disrespect. As there was no video evidence, I did not place a ban at this point, to give them one more chance.
The ban is for stealing and griefing. Less than two hours after the previous incident, player went to interfere with a garrison raid again. Combatlog as attached shows that they did no damage to the garrison. While there, they interfered and griefed the raider by jumping in front of them, preventing the explosive bullets from hitting the target, and in return, causing splash damage to the raider. Afterwards, once the wall was destroyed, they stole the contents from one locked crate. This blatant disrespect for the rules so shortly after having them all be explained by an admin necessitated a ban, which was modified to 6 days after I interviewed those present and learned they were griefing as well as stealing. I hope that if the player returns, they review the rules more carefully, and conduct themselves in a more respectful manner.



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