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banned HotLittleDadsEsports

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Offender: HotLittleDadsEsports https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/players/944250054 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198329318173
Server: US Pure
Time: 7:17 pm est
Length: perm
Reason: looting heli, looting a base, and disrespecting an admin
More Info (Optional):


6:55 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: thats all we got back with

6:55 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: with the sight

6:55 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: deadass

6:55 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: i got an mp5

6:55 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: and a sight

6:55 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: oh and aprently a metal; chest peice

6:56 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: thats all

6:56 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: i only got 3 items

6:57 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: 2 in one and 1 in the other

6:57 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: the mp5

6:57 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: the sight

6:57 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: and the chest polate

6:58 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: what a bitch am i right/

6:58 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: wonder if his parents are proud of him that hes a rust admin?

6:58 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: fuckin pussy

6:59 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: you not his fuckin mom bitch

6:59 PM HotLittleDadsEsports: yes i am


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