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What the Fuck

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I was on top of launch, I heard bradley so started to HV rocket the tank. Someone else came in during the fight and did a few damage. When I killed bradley it said I did 80% dmg. But this fuck looks through 2/3 boxes gets the best loot and leaves 1 box for me, and another box which was clearly looted. So he did less then 20% but took 2 boxes of the best shit out of 3. Admitted to getting m2 and I guarantee getting L96 while I get ammo. I call him a faggot and get banned. i get fucking banned. I'm not even using that word as a slur against gays, I'm just using it. Shit pissed me off. Fuck that shit.

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Hello there, 

Sorry you had a negative experience. When you play on RustEZ servers, you agree to the following rules listed here: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/rust/2509755
Player disrespect is not tolerated, which includes using homophobic slurs. They are not allowed to be used in any way, shape, or form.
I was actually just about to talk to you and see what the situation was when the ban happened. For future reference, there is no dibs on public events as seen here: https://rustez.com/faq/question/60-can-i-call-dibs-on-a-public-monument-o/

Loot is to be shared between participants, and you must strive to work it out amongst yourselves. If there is an issue, please do not escalate the situation and instead call for admin assistance in chat (we have green names), and if none are online or available, you can post in the #help channel in Discord and tag the appropriate server, in this case it would be @(US) Scourge.

The ban was an auto-ban, and will automatically lift in a few hours. I highly recommend taking this time to acquaint yourself with the server rules, and with the FAQ.

If you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out at any time.


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Fuck that. Not only was I attacking first and he jumped in middle, he barely did any dmg to it and I got last hit. So someone can do 99% dmg while someone comes in with a bean can, hits it once and then just wait for fire to burn out and take shit. I will fucking do that shit to everyone to everyone on both oils and launch and live there 24/7 till ya'll change rules and lock to player with most dmg or last hit.

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