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sorry for looting another player

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Your friend will have to file his own ban appeal as the ban is between the admin and the banned player. 

As I told you in-game. All players accept to abide by the rules upon joining. The rules are posted and can be read in numerous ways such as on our join page when a player joins our server, On our discord and website. on Battle metrics along with typing /rules in-game as he was requested to do multiple times.

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  • Staff

I understand and feel for your and his situation. he must agree to the rules of our server and follow them just like everyone else does. 

Please understand and stress to him all of these rules and as you all have prior warnings there will be no other chances if any of our rules are broken.

The rules that NEEDS to be followed in order to participate on our servers are as follows..

No raiding, griefing, or looting of any kind.
No mic or chat spam, player disrespect, racism, or harassment.
No camping loot rooms, monuments, or any highly concentrated areas.
No building around monuments, or large areas of unused land.
You may build on rivers as long as you're not blocking passage for other players.
You may build in caves but you must ensure safe passage for other players.
No controversial or politically-forward verbiage and/or imagery.

I will change the ban from permanent to 24 hours. Please read him the rules of the server and know that we believe in second chances but not thirds.

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