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Banned AU Pure: Happy Seal & Father Jackson / THICC_DICK_DADDY27

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Offender: Happy Seal (Battlemetrics) (Steam) / Father Jackson/THICC_DICK_DADDY27 (Battlemetrics) (Steam)
Server: AU Pure
Time: 9:35pm AEST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Racism / Racism & Sexism
More Info: Players came onto the server and immediately started to build to get onto someones base. Was approached by a female admin and immediately started lewdish remarks and was told to stop. Proceeded and approached the one doing so (Father Jackson) and he ran off in Dome and fell down and died. Logged off and logged back in with a new nick pretending to be a new person. When approached by another admin started the lewd comments again and going on about Happy Seal being his slave and used the n word - was told not to and did it again. Was then banned by myself. His mate then ran off and when speaking to another admin used the n word that just got his mate banned.

3 admins witnessed all interactions.

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